SIS to Launch Fall 2016 Enrollment through CalCentral - Replacing Tele-BEARS

Effective this spring, students registering for fall 2016 classes will no longer need to access Tele-BEARS, DARS, Schedule Builder, and other campus applications to plan for and enroll in classes. Instead, they will access information and enroll in classes through their existing CalCentral student portal:

Select screenshot below to see larger image.

Cal Central Demo

From a Student’s My Academics page on CalCentral, they will see a new “Class Enrollment” card on the right hand side of the screen. The newly designed enrollment experience is very prescriptive and aims to help students find all the tools and information they need from planning and meeting with an advisor, through enrolling in and adjusting their classes. There are six steps that a student can follow. All but the Enroll step are optional. From here a student can:

  1. See who their advisor is
  2. Access and update their new 4-year planner
  3. Explore class offerings and access the new Schedule of Classes
  4. Plan out alternative schedules for the semester (Schedule Builder replacement)
  5. Enroll in classes
  6. Make class or section adjustments