SIS Update: Exciting Changes for Fall 2016  

From:   Office of the Vice Chancellor Student Affairs
Date:   March 18, 2016
Subject:  SIS Update: Exciting Changes for Fall 2016 

Dear Campus Community,

Starting this month, UC Berkeley students will experience a new way of enrolling in classes.

Beginning with fall semester 2016 registration*, Tele-BEARS will be going away and students will access all of their enrollment needs in one place: CalCentral.

This is an exciting change that will impact all students and thousands of faculty and staff.


The CalCentral “My Academics” page offers a streamlined way of researching, planning, and enrolling — and will include functionality such as a Schedule Planner and the Schedule of Classes, along with additional new tools for an integrated class-enrollment process. Another benefit of the new system is that it extends the amount of time students will have to enroll in classes. In CalCentral, students will be able to enroll in classes 24/7, from the start of their appointment to the end of each enrollment phase.

Fall Semester 2016 Enrollment in CalCentral

  • On March 22, students will see their Phase I and Phase II enrollment appointments on their My Academics page.
  • On March 28, students will be able to: access Berkeley’s fall semester 2016 Schedule of Classes; begin planning their new schedule online using the new planning tool, Schedule Planner; and add classes to their enrollment “Shopping Cart.”

More Information

This SIS project would not be possible without the support of many dedicated individuals across campus, both past and present. We thank the Tele-BEARS team, campus partners, students, faculty, and staff who helped make these improvements possible. With your collaboration, we will continue to improve UC Berkeley’s student experience.

Thank you and Go Bears!


SIS Project Executive Steering Committee

Harry Le Grande, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
Larry Conrad, AVC, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Cathy Koshland, Vice Chancellor, Undergraduate Education
Rosemarie Rae, AVC, Finance and Chief Financial Officer

*Students enrolling in summer 2016 will continue to use Tele-BEARS.