Reservation Procedures for Large/Special Weekend Reservations

including Conferences and Tournaments


Who should reserve General Assignment Classrooms using these procedures?


Faculty, Staff, and Students can reserve classroom space on weekends for their conference, tournament, or other large event using these procedures if:

  • You need more than one classroom reserved on a single day

  • You need more than 4 hours in a single day or multiple classrooms

  • Your event has an expected attendance of 100 persons or more


To start a request for a Large/Special Weekend Event request, please fill out our form.


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Why this policy has been adopted


This policy has been adopted by the Office of the Registrar in response to several issues concerning weekend classroom reservations in past semesters:

  • This policy now allows individuals (including student organizations) to plan one event per group  up to one year in advance.  Two additional events can be submitted up to one semester in advance (submitted in Fall 2017 for a Spring 2018 event).

  • The expanded planning and lead time for the university means a more organized event with all proper permitting, insurance, and clean-up taken into account

  • Getting our campus partners involved ahead of time (Facilities Services, UCPD, ETS, etc.) prevents unecessary wear and tear on our university infrastructure and provides a safer experience for all attendees


General Guidelines


  • General Assignment (GA) classrooms on campus may be reserved for authorized university activities and programs in accordance with existing university policies, campus regulations, and any specific building restrictions

  • Any non-academic use of GA classrooms must not significantly interfere with official university functions or unreasonably disrupt the normal operations of the campus

  • Non-academic use of GA classrooms must be for authorized activities that have a direct programmatic relationship to the purpose of the university department or the mission of the university

  • The person in charge/in control of the event and activities, must be on-site for the duration of the entire event as part of the course and scope of his/her employment. For departmental events only, if someone cannot be present, the department must sign a waiver accepting all responsibility for the possible cost of University property damage or bodily injury of guests arising out of the event.

  • The University department or registered student organization is responsible for the cost of all building unlocking/locking, custodial, grounds maintenance, possible property damage, or other impacts (possibly unforeseen), resulting from this event   

  • Student signatories or RSOs should not act as agents for university departments or non-affiliated, outside groups

  • University departments should not act as agents for students, signatories, RSOs, or non-affiliated, outside groups


Please note:  Non-Affiliated groups or people are not permitted to reserve classroom space through the Office of the Registrar at this time


Step-by-Step Process


  • You start your request by providing us with the details using our form here ( address required).

  • A consultation with OR staff will be scheduled in order to finalize your request in the 25Live reservation system and to provide necessary paperwork and follow-up instructions.

  • A chart string, BFS account number, or purchase order must be provided in order to complete the facilities work order process.

  • Once all paperwork has been completed and and all needed documentation is received, your event is then confirmed to take place.


Important Policy Information


  • Requests must be submitted at least eight (8) weeks prior to the requested date of event reservation

  • Once your event is confirmed, at least one (1) week notice is necessary in order to cancel or modify your reservation

  • If all required documentation is not received by one (1) week prior to the start time of your event, your reservation will be cancelled and the date released


Questions, Cancellations, and Modifications


For all cancellations, modifications, or questions, please email For existing or confirmed reservations, please include the reservation ID if applicable (2017-AAbbcc) or the title of the request in the subject line


Building and Classroom Hours


All general assignment buildings and classrooms are open 8 am - 10 pm


General Assignment Classroom Use Policies


Please be advised that the following are not allowed in general assignment classrooms:


  • Smoking

  • Alcohol

  • Serving, preparing, cooking, or eating food or beverages

  • Amplified Sound (with the exception in-room technology)

  • Obstructing or covering walls, windows, doors, or exits

  • Group “chalking” on chalkboards or whiteboards

  • Flyers or advertising (use designated areas or bulletin boards)

  • Adhering, taping, or affixing items to walls, doors, windows, or floors

  • Exceeding posted capacity of classrooms

  • Removing furniture from classrooms and/or buildings

  • Noise louder than the ambient level of the building

  • Occupying classrooms outside of reserved time or after building closure


After your event:


  • Reset rooms according to posted furniture diagrams

  • Erase all chalkboards/whiteboards

  • Check all rooms for personal effects and remove any items not originally in the room at the beginning of the reservation

  • Remove any excessive trash from all rooms

Damages to rooms or buildings and failure to leave spaces orderly and clean may result in additional charges.


General Assignment Classroom Lockouts

If you are locked out of your reserved room and/or building, please call the Facilities Services Call Center at (510) 642-1032.


Alternative spaces


It is recommended that you look to alternative campus event spaces if we cannot accommodate the logistics of your event.


ASUC Event Services

Campus Event Facilities List



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