Go Live 2 Announcement

Go-Live 2: August 18
What's Included

Admissions: New tool for application norming.

Student Records: Course catalog data is converted to the new SIS.

Student Records: Fall 2016 class scheduling moves to the new SIS.

SIS Database: Creation of "Person Data"


How People Are Impacted

  • Go-Live 2 involves the launch of a new tool for managing applications, and the annual process of training readers on the latest policies and standards of evaluation. Applicants who are applying for admission to Fall 2016 will be the first cohort whose data will be be loaded into the new system. This is the first time that staff will email, post checklist items, and read applications in the same system in which applicants login to view their application status, submit checklist items, and view admission decisions.
  • The Office of the Registrar and Class Schedulers within colleges and schools will begin to set up and create the schedule of classes for Fall 2016 in the new SIS.


What Systems Are Impacted

Going Away

  • OUAE (Office of Undergraduate Admissions Enterprise system)

Staying the Same

  • CMS (Course Management System)
  • ApplyUC
  • UC Review

Continue to Use For Now

  • DB2 for academic year 2015-2016 classes
  • UGA (Undergraduate Application System)


Ongoing Support

Comprehensive help desk support will be provided by teams from CSS-IT, SIS, and - in the case of admissions - also by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Details will be made available during training sessions. 


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Go-Live 2
Announcement Video



GL2 for Admissions


GL2 for Admissions


Why It Matters: Person Data

Why Person Data Matters

What is Person Data?

Why Person Data Now?

What's New with Person Data?



Training Information for Go-Live 2

The SIS Training Contact will send invitations to groups and individuals who need training for Go-Live 2 modules. These invitations will provide details about location and times, and will also include a link to sign up for training sessions via the UC Learning Center. Participants will be able to choose from multiple date options.


Audience Topics & Dates Training Contact
Office of the Registrar

Managing the Schedule of Classes: August 19, 2015
Managing the Course Catalog: mid-September

Law Registrar

Managing the Schedule of Classes: mid-September
Managing the Course Catalog: mid-September

Class Schedulers

Managing the Schedule of Classes: October 5-16, 2015

Undergraduate Admissions 
(The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will provide training; locations and times to be announced.)
August - September
SIS Admissions team will train OUA internal staff to begin preliminary norming
OUA Internal staff will train lead readers and norming will begin
Lead readers will train the regional readers
Regional readers will train all other Freshman readers, including external readers


Go-Live 3: December 2015


  • Room scheduling
  • Undergraduate admissions reading and selection
  • Graduate SIR
  • Collecting SIR deposits
  • Graduate student onboarding – self-service

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