Go-Live 3

Go-Live 3 CalMessage

New SIS functionality available December 15 in CalCentral:

  • Updatable student profile information (name, address, email, and phone)
  • Statement of Intent To Register (SIR) for newly admitted graduate and professional students
  • Centralized onboarding checklists and messages for graduate and professional students
  • Online payment, including three methods to pay SIR deposits

Additional SIS functionality available December 15:

  • General Assignment classroom scheduling for fall 2016 for Office of the Registrar
  • Classroom reservations for events available in January 2016 for fall 2016
  • Reports for select class/exam scheduling and general ledger
  • People with information in human resource system and student system now only have to update their data in one place


Additional Detail for Online Payment

  • Online payment, including three methods to pay SIR deposits
    • Western Union's International Funds Transfer.*
    • e-Check from a U.S. bank account, or
    • credit card with a convenience fee,**

* Lower currency conversion rates when compared to other wire transfer options.

** A standard convenience fee of 2.75% is charged by CASHNet.


How People Are Impacted

  • Undergraduate admissions staff will use a new tool to read and score applications
  • Graduate and professional students will now submit their intent to register via CalCentral
  • Graduate and professional students can now pay deposits using credit cards
  • Graduate and professional students will see the most common onboarding messaging and checklist items in CalCentral
  • Students can update their profiles within CalCentral
  • Students and other groups who need to schedule space for events starting in Fall 2016 have a new process


Training Information for Go-Live 3


Training for Students:
Training for Staff:
Office of the Registrar Staff - SIS


Job Aids for Go-Live 3


Go-Live 4: February 2016


  • Undergraduate Admissions (Slate to CS)
  • Early Admissions (Slate & CS)


  • Aid Year Setup
  • ISIR Load
  • FA Term
  • Budgets
  • CAL Grant
  • Verifications
  • Packaging
  • Imaging




Previous Go-Lives

  • Go-Live 6 (August 2016)
    Students can make Fall 2016 enrollment verification requests directly through CalCentral. Student scholarships, financial aid, and institutional awards are now being disbursed to eligible undergraduate and graduate students (including law). Students and their delegates can now view account activity in near real time in their CalCentral billing account. Staff with Advisor Role can now view Fall 2016 activity, including fee assessment, new charges, payments. Beginning in mid-August, aid disbursement and refunds will also be available.​

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  • Go-Live 5 (March 2016)

    Students can now view their enrollment appointments (available today) and enroll in fall semester 2016 classes in CalCentral. Other new CalCentral features include: scheduling advisor appointments; giving delegated access to selected trusted individuals; paying university bills with a credit card; and having all financial aid and billing information in one place. Staff with advising roles can now assign students to an academic advisor; view and release student “Holds;” and access other relevant student data. Bear Facts reporting users will be able to view selected student data reports in the Reporting Center. Instructors will be able to view Class Rosters for fall semester 2016 starting on April 18 and will have access to view relevant student data through SIS Campus Solutions.

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  • Go-Live 4 (February 2016)
    Thanks to the new SIS functionality from this Go-Live 4, UC Berkeley fall 2016 admitted undergraduate students will use CalCentral to process their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) and receive campus onboarding messages and checklists; Undergraduate Admissions staff will use SIS to admit the new cohort of fall 2016 freshmen; Financial Aid and Scholarships Office (FASO) staff will access 2016-17 awarding cycle functionality in SIS; and more. In addition, due to the flexibility the new SIS provides, a limited number of high-achieving and high-potential undergraduate students will now be admitted in mid-February, giving them more time to explore the option of becoming Berkeley students.

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  • Go-Live 3 (December 2015)
    UC Berkeley students can now update their profile information in CalCentral; admitted graduate and professional students can process their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) and receive campus onboarding messages and checklists in CalCentral; in January 2016, student groups and staff will be able to make classroom reservations for events for fall 2016; and more.

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  • Go-Live 2 (August 2015)
    The Student Information Systems (SIS) Project Team is pleased to announce the second of seven “Go-Lives.” The modules of Go-Live 2 include the conversion of course catalog data to the new SIS, the creation of bio-demographic data, new functionality for Fall 2016 class scheduling, and tools for managing student applications.

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  • Go-Live 1 (June 2015)
    The SIS Project is pleased to announce the launch of its “Outreach to Prospects” module, an exciting new technology that combines several separate applications into one seamless tool. Prospective students can now complete a student interest form and register for presentations from one convenient module. Staff will ultimately enjoy the streamlined ease of facilitating a student's progress through each stage of admission - from prospect to enrollment. 

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