Go-Live 7


New Functionality

      Go-Live 7 CalMessage



  • bConnected Connection is Disabled:

    • The CalCentral class calendar connection with bConnected has been disabled until further notice.* (This includes calendar updates.) As a result:

      • Students who already downloaded the bCal calendar will retain their existing entries, but those entries will no longer be automatically updated.

      • Students should not attempt to use the automated calendar sync until this issue is corrected.

      • *For updates on this issue, visit the SIS Known Issues webpage.

My Academics - Profile - Terms Information for Undergraduate Students

  • Terms in Attendance

    • Number of terms a student has been registered for classes at UC Berkeley.

    • Note: Transfer students receive an additional four terms.

  • Expected Graduation Term

    • An Expected Graduation Term date was added for undergraduate students who are expected to graduate at the end of Fall 2016. It was calculated based on Terms in Attendance and vetted by the advising offices in each college, and it is now displayed to students through CalCentral.

      Important: Undergraduate students who expect to finish all of their final degree requirements by Fall 2016 but do not see “Fall 2016” displayed in CalCentral as their expected graduation term must contact their school or college's academic advising office no later than Friday, October 14, 2016.

My Academics - Advising

  • Advisor Assignments

    • A student’s assigned advisor will now be displayed.

  • Advisor Appointments

    • ​The ability for students to make appointments with their advisor  was removed on September 1. It will be reinstated at a later time.

GPA Calculator Improvements

  • The formula for estimating a student’s anticipated GPA has been improved.



My Dashboard -> Student Overview

  • On the Student Overview page (reached through “student lookup”), advisors will now be able to see:
    • Student ID number (SID)
    • Terms Information for Undergraduate Students
      • Terms in Attendance
        • Number of terms (semester equivalents) a student has been registered for classes at UC Berkeley. 
        • Note: Transfer students enter the university with four terms in attendance.
      • Expected Graduation Term (EGT)
        • See the “Student” section for details. If data is available from DB2, an expected graduation term will be displayed.

General Reports:

  • Reporting Center CC Bio/Demo reports will now feature data for all students. Previously, these reports only showed information for Fall 2016 admits while we were transitioning from our legacy data systems to the new SIS.

Award Entry - New Item Type Update:

  • The automated functionality for creating New Item Type requests for departmental awards is now available. The temporary New Item Type request form has been removed.
  • Requests that were entered while the New Item Type form was still available are now being processed.


My Dashboard -> Faculty Resources

  • The description for Berkeley Academic Guide was changed from Class Catalog to Course Catalog.

  • There is a new link for the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL).


Training Resources

Visit http://sis.berkeley.edu/training for information and resources to support you through this transition. Please email sis-training@berkeley.edu if you have any training questions.

Job Aids

Previous Go-Lives

  • Go-Live 6 (August 2016)
    Students can make Fall 2016 enrollment verification requests directly through CalCentral. Student scholarships, financial aid, and institutional awards are now being disbursed to eligible undergraduate and graduate students (including law). Students and their delegates can now view account activity in near real time in their CalCentral billing account. Staff with Advisor Role can now view Fall 2016 activity, including fee assessment, new charges, payments. Beginning in mid-August, aid disbursement and refunds will also be available.​

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  • Go-Live 5 (March 2016)

    Students can now view their enrollment appointments (available today) and enroll in fall semester 2016 classes in CalCentral. Other new CalCentral features include: scheduling advisor appointments; giving delegated access to selected trusted individuals; paying university bills with a credit card; and having all financial aid and billing information in one place. Staff with advising roles can now assign students to an academic advisor; view and release student “Holds;” and access other relevant student data. Bear Facts reporting users will be able to view selected student data reports in the Reporting Center. Instructors will be able to view Class Rosters for fall semester 2016 starting on April 18 and will have access to view relevant student data through SIS Campus Solutions.

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  • Go-Live 4 (February 2016)
    Thanks to the new SIS functionality from this Go-Live 4, UC Berkeley fall 2016 admitted undergraduate students will use CalCentral to process their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) and receive campus onboarding messages and checklists; Undergraduate Admissions staff will use SIS to admit the new cohort of fall 2016 freshmen; Financial Aid and Scholarships Office (FASO) staff will access 2016-17 awarding cycle functionality in SIS; and more. In addition, due to the flexibility the new SIS provides, a limited number of high-achieving and high-potential undergraduate students will now be admitted in mid-February, giving them more time to explore the option of becoming Berkeley students.

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  • Go-Live 3 (December 2015)
    UC Berkeley students can now update their profile information in CalCentral; admitted graduate and professional students can process their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) and receive campus onboarding messages and checklists in CalCentral; in January 2016, student groups and staff will be able to make classroom reservations for events for fall 2016; and more.

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  • Go-Live 2 (August 2015)
    The Student Information Systems (SIS) Project Team is pleased to announce the second of seven “Go-Lives.” The modules of Go-Live 2 include the conversion of course catalog data to the new SIS, the creation of bio-demographic data, new functionality for Fall 2016 class scheduling, and tools for managing student applications.

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  • Go-Live 1 (June 2015)
    The SIS Project is pleased to announce the launch of its “Outreach to Prospects” module, an exciting new technology that combines several separate applications into one seamless tool. Prospective students can now complete a student interest form and register for presentations from one convenient module. Staff will ultimately enjoy the streamlined ease of facilitating a student's progress through each stage of admission - from prospect to enrollment. 

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What's Next?


This week, the Student Information Systems (SIS) project reached its seventh of seven “Go-Lives.” However, while we have made major strides and met many goals, our work is not done. We will continue making system enhancements beyond this Go-Live.

UC Berkeley’s transition to the new SIS has been very disruptive. The SIS team is responding to issues as quickly as possible and is committed to better meet our unique campus needs. On September 1, we joined the project team and more than 270 staff, faculty, and administrators for the first in a series of in-person engagements to listen to and address questions and concerns from the larger campus community. Together, we identified the top two priorities and, one week later, the SIS team held a Triage Session to more directly follow-up on these issues. This type of engagement will continue, until we get the new system to a good place.