UCB’s Student Information Systems will enable the transformation of the student experience by delivering a single, easy-to-use point of access to student services, by supporting faculty in managing courses, and by cultivating for staff a rewarding work environment that is less transactional and more service-oriented. The platform for this transformation is an integrated set of best-of-breed tools, technology and processes that is nimble, scalable and sustainable.

We encourage you to become involved as we build the new system together.


To increase student, faculty, and staff satisfaction with the admissions, enrollment, registration, financial aid, billing and payment, and advising processes, and the portal, by providing current tools and technology that are convenient to access, easy to use, and provide a unified user experience.

To deliver tools and technology that enable innovation in supporting students, staff and faculty, and that are sustainable (vendor-supported, easily iterated, cost-effective and eliminates repetitive systems and interfaces), secure (enable FERPA compliance), and scalable (provide a platform for future innovation and systems integration). The technology will allow the University to effectively continue development of the systems to serve the community in the future expansion of services.

To support the development of a high-performance culture that helps staff to do their best work through current tools and technologies, streamlined processes, and training.


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