To: Campus Application Developers and Technical Contacts
Subject: Student Data from the new SIS Integrations: "Student" and "Registration"

You're receiving this memo because you have indicated your application requires data about individual students and/or students' term-based status. (Please see for the content of previous communications about integrating with the new SIS.)

The first set of SIS enterprise data objects are available for campus review and comment:

  • Student, which provides access to basic biographic, demographic, and general academic and status data about a student, and
  • Registration, which involves term-based academic and status data for a student

The rest of this memo describes the plan for production release of these artifacts in December 2015, SIS Project Go-Live 3. 

Release plan:

  1. Draft the EDO based on the business needs elicited so far by the SIS Project.  A model of the data to be exchanged will be represented as an EDO on,
  2.  After a defined period for review, comment, and revision by all those who will use it, the EDO will be "frozen".
  3. Draft the API design based on data and application analysis.   A set of the URLs and parameters used to interact with that model will be represented as API "Interactive Docs" on
  4. Again, after a defined period for review, comment, and revision, the contract will be "frozen".
  5. Using the EDO definition and API Interactive Docs, the campus app can be modified to consume SIS data using the new technology.
  6. After a specified "code-complete" date, integration testing will ensure everything works end-to-end.

Right now we're at Step 1 for the Student and Registration EDOs.  Review of these EDOs will allow us to come to an agreement on a "contract" for the integration, then SIS developers and campus application developers will build to the contract in parallel.

Please review them both carefully against your application data requirements to ensure they capture all your data needs in those areas . We need all your comments, questions, and proposals by the freeze date of Friday, 9/18/2015. These can be made in the forums linked to from each EDO's main page.

After that, no later than 9/21/2015, we'll put the Interactive Docs up on and you'll have until Thursday, 10/1/2015 to submit all your comments, questions, and proposals.

Please note that while these Student and Registration integrations are being released in SIS Project Go-Live 3, the majority of campus applications will have no use for them until March 2016, when Fall 2016 admitted students are added to the new SIS. Unless your system deals with pre-matriculation activities (such as admit yield or clearing) for the very few students admitted prior to then, there will be no live data available, and you will have several months to prepare your applications for transition to the EDO/API model.

The Integration Team page on the SIS Project website has additional information regarding future releases of enterprise data objects and APIs.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on the forums.

SIS Integration Team