Implementation Readiness

Getting Ready for a Strong Start

From July to September, SIS project team members will have an opportunity to participate in a series of Implementation Readiness activities.  These webinars, workshops, and training sessions will help us keep to our overall project timeline by supporting a strong start when we bring the experienced firm onboard that will help us to implement this project (i.e., the System Implementer).  Below is sample of the more than 25 activites engaging the project team over the next two to three months.

The week of June 23, 2014:  The Implementation Readiness series kicked off with two webinars sponsored by the Higher Education Users Group (HEUG): 3 C's for Student Financials on June 23 and and Yes, Vanilla Really is a Flavor on June 26.  HEUG is a non-profit, international organization consisting of Higher Education institutions that use Oracle®'s software. Since UC Berkeley has purchased the company's Campus Solutions suite of applications, anyone on campus can take advantage of HEUG's many resources, which include no-cost webinars, forums, communities, blogs, and various events. Simply visit the HEUG website, click on Request Login, and complete a very brief form.

The week of June 30, 2014:  On Monday, June 30, Amy Jarich, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director of Admissions, facilitated a high-level review of how the admissions process works on our campus today. Read more about this workshop here. The following day, a Pizza Meet & Greet lunch marked the official kick-off of Implementation Readiness Activities.  Read about this event here.

The week of July 7, 2014:  On Tuesday, July 8 Karen Kato, the project's Interim Technical Lead and Director of Enterprise Data facilitated a readiness brainstorming session for the technology team. Later that day and on Thursday, July 10, Project Managers Shelly Kleinschrodt and Rebecca Miller led a two-part workshop on Project Management.  Read about this session here.

The week of July 14, 2014:  The week's activities kicked off with a high-level process mapping session led by Rachelle Feldman, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships.  Read about this session here. On Wednesday, July 16, a HEUG webinar gave project team members insight into how Campus Solutions enables automated communications with students. Karen Kato, Director of Enterprise Data, led two high-level discussions (Tuesday, July 15 and Thursday, July 17) geared towards developers in preparation for an in-depth training on PeopleTools, the comprehensive development and "runtime" platform for Oracle’s Campus Solutions (PeopleSoft) applications. Runtime is the period of time when a program or application is running.

The week of July 21, 2014:  Representatives from the Technical Team had a week-long, in-depth training on PeopleTools, knowledge that is key to how we configure and maintain the new system.  On Monday, July 21, Rose Chan-Gee, Associate Registrar, facilitated a high-level process mapping workshop on the services, systems, and interdependencies in the Office of the Registrar.  Read about this session here.

The week of July 28, 2014:  The week's activities kicked off on Monday, July 28, with a presentation by Financial Services Manager Adrianne Araica-Mann, MBA, who facilitied a session on the complexities of accounts receivable (money owed to us) and accounts payable (money due to others) for student Billing and Payment Services at UC Berkeley. Read about this session here. Later that day, Delia Clark, who manages the Business Process Improvement Program, through UC Berkeley’s department of Learning + Organizational Development, led the first of a two-part workshop on Business Process Analysis.

The month of August 2014:  This month's sessions completed the initial phase of Implementation Readiness activities, which included a workshop on Summer Sessions facilitated by Rick Russo, Dean of Summer Sessions, Study Abroad, & Lifelong Learning, and Kelly Mann, the program’s Student Services Supervisor.  Russ Acker, Institutional Research Analyst with the Office of Planning & Analysis, provided an overview of Berkeley’s unique Academic Structure—an understanding of which is critical to building a student information system tailored to our campus’ needs. The functional and technical teams then worked together during a series of deep-dive sessions to gain a better understanding of how student systems intersect and the "pain points" or challenges that are priorities to address during the implementation process.