Our Project Team Approach

Creating a new model for project success

Angela Blackstone is transitioning from her current role as Associate CIO and Director of Student Affairs Information Technologies (SAIT) to lead the Student Information System (SIS) Replacement Project as the Associate CIO and Project Executive.  We are pleased to welcome Patrick Furze, PMP, who joined UC Berkeley on Monday, August 11 to serve as the PMO’s Executive Director.  Pat reports directly to Angela, and Angela has a dual reporting relationship to Harry Le Grande, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, and Larry Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Angela is working closely on a transition plan with Paul Robles, Deputy and Associate Director of SAIT, who became the Acting Associate CIO and Director of SAIT effective August 1. The Student Affairs Leadership has a great deal of confidence in Paul's ability to guide SAIT through this change and in our strong community of SAIT professionals who care deeply about our Berkeley students and student services.

The SIS Replacement Project is among our campus' largest and most signficant technology initiatives. Our core student systems are more than 30 years old, and maintaining services on such old technology platforms is becoming increasingly difficult. Paul and the SAIT team remain dedicated to this incredibly important and challenging task, which is critical while we work to build to the new system together.


To ensure the success of this mission-critical project, we have conceptualized a staffing approach that blends campus and external experts to help us design, test, and implement the new system on our campus. The collaboration between Angela and Patrick is consistent with our approach to ensure a functional/technical partnership that incorporates extensive knowledge of our campus community. While the specific organizational structure is still being refined, Angela will focus on the communication, engagement, and change management needs of this transformational project, and Pat will devote his considerable expertise to the very substantial effort of planning and managing the Campus Solutions implementation.

Angela offers more than 25 years of experience at UC Berkely and brings both a deep understanding of Student Affairs as well as the broader campus stakeholder community, while Pat brings deep experience implementing Campus Solutions, the enterprise software from Oracle® that the University has purchased as the technology platform for the new system. Together, Pat and Angela, along with a number of key project positions, will form the Program Management Office (PMO).

In addition, campus managers are now in the process of assigning functional and technical "subject matter experts" from across the campus to serve on the project full-time throughout its implementation. Supporting these experts will be a number of short-term contractors who will be hired to staff the project team and work along side our campus experts until the new system is up and running. 

And finally, we also recognize that rolling out a new system with this degree of complexity and size requires a team with specialized expertise and proven experience with this type of project at other universities. That is why we will also be contracting on a short-term basis with a firm (our System Implementer) that can guide us through this critical phase of this project, as we ensure that the new system meets the needs of students, faculty, and staff on our campus.