Report Title Report Name or Query Name Report Type Data
Business Process Reporting Area
Student Enrollment by ID and Term UCCS_ENRL_BY_ID_AND_TERM PS Query   Enroll Students Enroll Students

Report Title: Student Enrollment by ID and Term
Purpose: Reporting on enrollments for a specified ID and Term.

Rows: One row per term per enrollment, filtered by optional parameters.

Columns: Concise student, class and enrollment data

Required prompts: Student ID

Optional prompts: Term (if blank, all terms are returned); Include Enrolled status (Y/N, default Y); Include Waitlisted status (Y/N, default Y); Include Dropped status (Y/N, default N)

Report Inventory ID: UCCS_R_1203

User Access Group: Role Not Defined
Process: Enroll Students
Usage Notes:  Uses row-level security for academic career and academic plan. Report will only return data for rows user has permission for.
Report Elements: For description of elements visit the Custom Fields Table