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Business Process Reporting Area
GA Prime-Time Compliance (70/30) UCCS_R_001 BI Publisher Query Create and Manage Curriculum Schedule of Classes

Query Name: UCCS_R_001
Report Title: GA Prime-Time Compliance (70/30)
Purpose: Reporting on percentage of GA room requests that are in prime-time (starting between 8:01am and 2:59pm), by cluster and subject

Rows: One row per cluster and subject code, with summary rows by cluster. Subjects not in a cluster are summarized as a "cluster of one."

Columns: Separate columns for primary and non-primary sections; for each, count of prime-time sections, count of all sections, percentage sections that are prime-time. Only sections requesting or assigned a GA classroom are counted.

Required prompts: Term

Optional prompts: Career, Group, Org, Cluster, Subject

User Access Group:

SR Registrar Course Catalog, SR Registrar Sched of Classes

Process: Create and Manage Curriculum
Usage Notes:  Use to find clusters or subjects that are not in compliance with the 70/30 GA prime-time rule.
Report Elements:

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