Report Title Report Name or Query Name Report Type Data
Business Process Reporting Area
Active Students by Plan UCCS_R_CPP_ACTIVE_BY_CPP PS Query   Enroll Students Enroll Students

Report Title: Active Students by Plan
Purpose: Reporting on active students for specified CPP elements (plan, program, department, division, college), as of specified term
Description: Rows: One row per student per current active CPP (as of system date) for specified term, filtered by optional parameters.
Columns: Student identifiers, CPP identifiers
Required Prompts: Term
Optional Prompts: Career, College/School, Division, Department, Program, Plan Type, Plan
Drilldowns: None
Security: SR CPP data view role​
User Access Group: Role Not Defined
Process: Enroll Students
Usage Notes:  Use this report to get lists of students by plan or a group of plans belonging to higher levels of the academic hierarchy.
Report Elements: For description of elements visit the Custom Fields Table