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Class Schedule: By Instructor UCCS_R_SCHD_BY_INSTRUCTOR PS Query   Create and Manage Curriculum Instructor & Faculty Load

Report Title: Class Schedule: By Instructor
Purpose: Reporting on Schedule of Classes, for classes associated with a specific instructor

Criteria: Classes with meeting patterns associated with chosen instructor. User-entered Instructor ID (required); Other user-entered prompts (optional)

Rows: One row per class, per meeting pattern associated with the instructor in CLASS_TBL, CLASS_MTG_PAT and CLASS_INSTR

Columns: Core schedule of classes data elements, with meeting pattern and instructor data
Notes: Class data repeats for each meeting pattern associated with the instructor. Meeting patterns not associated with the instructor do not appear.​

User Access Group:

SR Registrar Course Catalog, SR Registrar Sched of Classes

Process: Create and Manage Curriculum
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