Report Title Report Name or Query Name Report Type Data
Business Process Reporting Area
Reserve Capacities by Class UCCS_R_SCHD_RESERVE_CAP PS Query   Create and Manage Curriculum Schedule of Classes

Report Title: Reserve Capacities by Class
Purpose: Reporting on reserve capacities associated with scheduled classes.
Description: Rows: One row per class, per reserve capacity row associated with the class.
Columns: Class identifiers, enrollment control data, and reserve capacity data items.
Required Prompts: Term, Subject
Optional Prompts: Catalog Number, Class Section, Requirement Group
Drilldowns: None
Security: SR Schedule of Classes view role
User Access Group: Role Not Defined
Process: Create and Manage Curriculum
Usage Notes:  Includes all classes matching parameters; if no reserve capacity defined, those values are blank.
Report Elements: For description of elements visit the Custom Fields Table