Reporting Center

The Reporting Team on the new SIS project created a Reporting Center that is designed to make it easy for you to find and run your queries in the new SIS Campus Solutions.

After logging in to Campus Solutions using your CalNet ID and passphrase,

click Main Menu > CAL Components > Reporting > Reporting Center

Reporting Center Menu

In the Reporting Center you can run your queries with a single click. In the middle column you will see the list of queries that are available to you to run. They are organized by data area and business process. In the right column are a variety of resources for Reporting Center users.


To learn more about Reporting Center functionality, see our Reporting Center Job Aid.

Reporting Center Queries

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Report Types

There are two kinds of reports you can run in Campus Solutions, a PS Query or a BI Publisher report and they are run using a different set of steps in the system. Use the List of Reports to identify the report you are interested in running and take note of the related report information in the list. Start by identifying whether the report type is a PS Query or BI Publisher report.


  • For a PS Query report, copy the Query Name into the query prompt in the PS Query Viewer in Campus Solutions. You will need to use your Calnet ID to login to Campus Solutions before arriving at the landing page with the Query Name prompt. For detailed training steps on how to do this, see the Running a Report in Query Viewer video and job aid under the Reporting Resources section of the Training website.


Running Query View Video

Reporting Tools:

Running Query Viewer Video

  • For a BI Publisher report, you will need to note the Report Name as well as the Data Source information provided in the list. Use the BI Publisher Run Control in Campus Solutions to run your report. The Data Source information is used to create a Run Control - a necessary first step to run a BI Publisher report. For detailed training steps on how to do this, see the Adding a New Run Control ID to Generate a BI Publisher Report video and job aid under the Reporting Resources section of the Training website.


Detailed training information on how to run a report is provided on the Training page of the SIS website.

Adding a new run control

Generating a Report by
Adding a New Run Control ID Video