Where the Journey Begins

Admissions is often the first impression that students have of UC Berkeley. It is critical that we have the technology to provide student services that are equal to the University’s world-class reputation. The Admissions team will work to create a responsive and streamlined system that can enrich outreach opportunities, revolutionize the way staff work with applicant data, and improve the student experience.

Business Processes Included in the SIS Project

Business Process Delivery Date   Business Process Delivery Date
Outreach June 2015   Admissions (Slate to CS) February 2016
Applications August 2015   Finalization (Clearing) March 2016
Prelim Norming August 2015   SIR Undergrad March 2016
Reading & Scoring December 2015   Yield March 2016
SIR Graduate December 2015   Decision Release (Selection) March 2016
SIR Law December 2015   Imaging March 2016
Early Admissions (Slate & CS) February 2016   Transfer Admissions September 2016

FAQ Videos:

Will there be training on all aspects of the new system?


Will systems still talk to each other?


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