Student Information System (SIS) Project Outreach

Dear Deans, Directors, and Chief Administrative Officers, 

Many of you are the owners of software applications and systems that support critical student activities, such as advising, admissions, course enrollment, majors lists, student billing, and direct student services. These systems may provide and/or receive data from the new Student Information System (SIS) once it’s implemented. The purpose of this e-mail is to inform you about important upcoming steps in the SIS project that will require coordination and collaboration with your staff.

Outreach to Application Teams

The transition to our new SIS will require changes to the data structure and the way data are exchanged and managed. The scope and size of this change effort will be assessed for each application, and the SIS Project Integration team will work with owners and administrators of the affected applications to develop a detailed plan. 

We Need Your Help

During the next three weeks the SIS team will reach out to your application teams (functional and technical) to prepare for this data integration effort. We would like to ask for your support in ensuring that your staff can provide the necessary time to collaborate with the SIS team on this assessment and change effort. Please share this with the appropriate parties in your unit. 

Next Steps for Application Owners

  1. The SIS team will create a tracking inventory and registry for all data interfaces, including contact information for functional and technical staff and high level data subject areas (admissions, enrollment, student data) 
  2. The SIS team will establish initial contact and set up meetings with your application teams driven by the schedule of the SIS Project Go-Lives timeline 
  3. The SIS team will provide a deeper dive into the data and technical methods during several engagement sessions 
  4. Application owners will begin to implement necessary changes within their systems to accept/send the new SIS data utilizing new integration technology 

How will the new SIS benefit you?

The new SIS will provide increased campus-wide integration of student related data that benefits all departments and operations serving students. This will overcome the limitations of existing data “silos” and eliminate any unnecessary duplication of effort for entering, updating and managing identical data. Whenever possible, the new SIS will support real-time data exchange. Wherever possible, we encourage you to take advantage of the new, more integrated system and eliminate the need and cost of having to maintain separate data instances for the same purpose.

SIS Project Information

If you would like more information on the project, see the SIS Project website. If your system owners have questions, please email the SIS Project Integration team at

SIS Project Executive Steering Committee

  • Cathy Koshland, Vice Chancellor, Undergraduate Education
  • Harry LeGrande, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
  • John Wilton, Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance
  • Larry Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
  • Rosemarie Rae, Associate Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance and Chief Financial Officer