February 4, 2016: Integration Announcement

Hello Campus Application Developers,

On Monday, 2/8/16, several new resources will be added to the Student API that we want you to know about.

Student API Roadmap

The version of the Student API now available in API Central contains the profile data of the Student EDO. Additional resources will be added to this API on 2/8/16 as part of Go Live 4.1.  They are: 

  • Registration Status - provides term specific academic statuses for a student
  • Work Experience - provides student employment outside campus
  • Academic Status - provides the state of the student in regard to a current academic career (such as student GPA and plan)

Additional feature:

  • UID Crosswalk - allows developers to call Student API by UID and not just by EMPLID

To see the full Student EDO which includes a description of each element and examples, see bMeta. To get access to the Student API and to view the API docs, see API Central.

For answers to recent questions about data changes see the Integration FAQ page.

Each Friday, the SIS Integrations team holds Virtual Office Hours from 1-3 pm to answer questions and go over issues you may be having. To join us, call 1-888-240-2560 - meeting ID: 204807572.

We welcome your feedback. If you have questions or comments, please contact us at ask-sis-integrations@lists.berkeley.edu.


SIS Integration Team