Please verify our integration contact information


You may already have received an email from CIO Larry Conrad and Sr. Project Executive Angela Blackstone regarding Application Integration with the SIS Project. It noted, "The SIS Integrations Team needs to know who you are and which systems you need to integrate, but they won’t have a complete inventory without your help."  We are working to identify the correct person to contact regarding particular applications.

Our current records show you as serving at least one role [1] for an application [2] we may need to integrate with the new SIS. The roles and applications we have you associated with are:

  • <role> for <application>
  • <role> for <application>
  • <role> for <application>

Please let us know if these are correct, and if not, who the correct person might be for the role and application. If you serve any role for an application not shown, please let us know that, too. Please reply, even if only to verify that everything here is correct, by the end of the day on Thursday, May 21.

We’ll be following up very soon to technical or administrator roles with more detailed questions about the applications themselves. We look forward to working with you!  


SIS Integration Team


[1] We’re tracking four separate roles. 'Owner' for us means the person who has the final say over the application¹s functionality and controls access to its data. 'Administrator' is the person who is the functional lead for the application, and/or can organize meetings with technical staff and vendors as needed. 'Technical' is the point person in charge of technical support for the application, often the developer. 'Testing' is the person responsible for ensuring any changes to the application are fully functional before going live. A person can fill any and all of these roles simultaneously.

[2] An 'application' may be any set of technology used to fulfill a function. Everything from an Excel spreadsheet to a Ruby on Rails web application may be included. If you use a computer to work with student data, we’d like to know about your needs.