Reminder: provide details about your student data needs

On 6/11, we sent you an email request for technical information for an application you either support or administer that may need to integrate with the new Student Information System (SIS). To date we have not received a response.

This information is very important for us if we are to help you with continued access. Can you please provide us with responses to the questionnaire by Friday, June 26th or contact us if this is not possible?  The link to the questionnaire is listed below.


SIS Integration Team


Original Message:

We’re contacting you because you’ve been identified as a technical or administrative contact for an application that may need to integrate with the new Student Information System (SIS). While it's likely that you've already heard from representatives of the SIS project, we'd like to ask you a few more technical questions to identify the business processes your applications support, and gather details about the methods and data involved in the integrations.

We’d appreciate if you’d take the time to answer a few questions about each of the student systems you may want to integrate with the new SIS so that the Integration Team can plan to meet your needs in a timely fashion. Please fill out the form found at for each of the applications listed below, as well as any others we might have missed.

  • <application>
  • <application>
  • ...

Please fill out a form for each application by the end of the day on Friday, June 26. We'll add your responses to our inventory and include you in integration analysis, design, implementation, and testing as each appropriate SIS launch approaches. After July 15 you can look at - Schedule for details about when we'll be working with you.