August 25, 2016: Integration Announcement

Hello Campus Application Developers,


Here is the SIS Integrations team weekly summary of items of interest to our integration partners.

Campus No Fly Zone - 8/15 - 9/4

Beginning last Monday, 8/15, the campus implemented the customary three week freeze on production changes that may impact UC Berkeley Student Systems - traditionally called the “no fly zone”.  During this time the SIS Integrations team will not deploy any code changes to Production unless they are blockers and approved as an exception.  Please continue to let us know about bugs or issues with the APIs but we will need to wait to deploy until GL 6.0k on Thursday, 9/8/16.


UAT/QA Environment Downtime

BCSQAT will be down later today, Thursday, 8/25 from 4-6 p.m. to install an Oracle bundle.

Release Notes - GL6.0f

Enrollment API - (in Production on 8/19 with no-fly-zone exception)

  • Known Issue - Fixed a bug in the SQL query where enrollments for class sections with a large number of enrollments displayed in CalCentral did not match the output for the Enrollment API.

API Usage

SIS Class and Enrollment APIs can potentially return a significant amount of data. To accommodate this, these APIs implement a pagination scheme where results are returned in chunks of data called “pages”.  To properly access all the data returned by an API call, use the page-size and cursor/page-number request parameters.

  • for Class API:

    • default value for “page-size” is 100 elements

    • default value for “page-number” is 1

  • For Enrollment API:

    • default value for “page-size” is 10 elements

    • default value for “cursor” is 1

  • For both APIs, to access additional pages, increment cursor or page-number parameter value until httpresponse code is 404 - indicating there are no more pages to retrieve.


These parameters are documented on API Central in the “Interactive Docs” section.

Top Issues Being Researched

  • Student API - we are investigating a report that cumulative units and cumulative GPA displayed in CalCentral do not match the output of the API.

  • Student API - we have confirmed a reported issue that completed, discontinued or otherwise inactive Plans are omitted from the Student EDO.   

    • Addressing this issue requires some redesign which is underway with the Registrar and SIS Student Records team.   An update to the Student API will follow to surface program/plan status and include recently completed programs/plans.

Additional Information

Each Friday, the SIS Integrations team holds Virtual Office Hours from 1-3 pm to answer questions and discuss issues you may be having. To join us, call 1-888-240-2560 - meeting ID: 113695594.  


We welcome your feedback. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at



SIS Integration Team