March 10, 2016: Integration Announcement

Hello Campus Application Developers,

Here is the SIS Integrations team weekly summary of items of interest to our integration partners.

Scheduled Outage - Go-Live 5

We want to make sure you are all aware of next week’s SIS Campus Solutions outage. From Saturday, March 19th at 6:00 A.M. to Tuesday, March 22, at 8:00 A.M., SIS Campus Solutions and SIS Campus Solutions functionality in CalCentral will be unavailable.  During this outage, the SIS technical team will implement new functionality and load data in preparation for the March 22 Go-Live 5.  Details can be found on the SIS Project website

During this time, testing can continue in the API Central "UAT" environment which is connected to the SIS QA environment.  However, all production versions of SIS APIs available through API Central will return an error if accessed during this period.

EDODB  - database views

For those campus applications that cannot consume APIs, the SIS project will provide database views in EDO format as a transitional bridge until the application can be updated to consume data via an API.

There will be four EDODB views based on EDO specifications found on bMeta.

  • Student EDODB - includes all Person EDO elements as well as Academic Status, Registration

  • Course EDODB - includes descriptions, format and details for approved courses at Berkeley

  • Class EDODB - describes the current term class schedule, locations, meeting times, instructors

  • Enrollment EDODB - provides access to student enrollments and class rosters

EDODB is expected to be available with SIS Project Go-Live 5 (March 22).  


As with API usage, access to EDODB requires permission from the data owner.  Systems connecting to the SIS EDODB environment must meet campus MSSEI standards.  To request access to an EDODB database view, send an email to

Additional Information

For answers to recent questions about data changes see the Integration FAQ page.

Each Friday, the SIS Integrations team holds Virtual Office Hours from 1-3 pm to answer questions and discuss issues you may be having. To join us, call 1-888-240-2560 - meeting ID: 204807572.

We welcome your feedback. If you have questions or comments, please contact us at


SIS Integration Team