September 15, 2016: Integration Announcement

Hello Campus Application Developers,


Here is the SIS Integrations team weekly summary of items of interest to our integration partners.

System Outage: Sunday, September 18, from 5:30 a.m. - 11 a.m.

This Sunday, September 18, SIS Project GoLive 7 will be released to production.  This release includes enhancements and bug fixes to existing APIs.


As part of the work required, there will be a system outage from 5:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m on Sunday 9/18. During this time, all production versions of the SIS APIs will be unavailable.  Once the system comes back up, you can expect normal operations.


Upcoming Release Schedule

Major releases and dot releases (i.e. 7 and 7.1) will include a scheduled production outage.  Alpha releases (i.e. 7.0b)  will continue twice a week as needed and will not involve an outage.  The next major releases are scheduled for:


  • GL 7.1 - Sunday, 10/9/16

  • GL 7.2 - Sunday, 10/30/16

Upcoming Changes

  • Class API is being enhanced to surface additional class and class section data.  The exact release date will be announced shortly but this is a preview of the changes.

    • classSection.startDate and classSection.endDate will reflect the start and end dates of the term from the academic calendar.

    • classSection.meeting.startDate, classSection.meeting.endDate will reflect any non-standard meeting dates for the section as well as any single occurrence meetings such as midterm and final exams.

    • classSection.meeting.startTime, classSection.meeting.endTime will reflect the section meeting start and end time and any single-occurrence meeting times such as midterm and final exams.

Release Notes - GL7

Here is what is planned for GL 7. These changes are now in API Central UAT for review.


Student API

  • add external org to affiliations endpoint

  • fix a bug in affiliations endpoint for invalid SID


Course API - (in Production with GL 6.0m on 9/14)

  • added “formerDisplayName” which surfaces a prior version of the course name, if it exists

  • added “Preparation” which presents recommended coursework and reading to prepare for the course

Top Issues Being Researched

  • Student API - we are investigating a report that cumulative units and cumulative GPA displayed in CalCentral do not match the output of the API.

  • Student API - we have confirmed a reported issue that completed, discontinued or otherwise inactive Plans are omitted from the Student EDO.   

    • Addressing this issue requires some redesign which is underway with the Registrar and SIS Student Records team.   An update to the Student API will follow to surface program/plan status and include recently completed programs/plans.

  • Registration Status for Graduate Students

The deadline for graduate students to pay fees is five weeks into the term, so many who have enrolled for the term will still not show as Registered in both the Student API and EDODB until the fifth week. Senior campus leadership is concerned that campus units that rely on the Registered status to determine eligibility for services may be excluding these students inaccurately.


As an interim solution, SIS is recommending that campus units providing services to graduate students temporarily check that the student is enrolled to make this decision until registered status is set after fees are paid.


For Student API users, the /academic-status endpoint returns currently enrolled units in the node:



(a non-zero value indicates enrolled for current term)


For EDODB, this query can be used to evaluate enrolled status:














AND REG.TERM_ID = '2168';

Additional Information

Each Friday, the SIS Integrations team holds Virtual Office Hours from 1-3 pm to answer questions and discuss issues you may be having. To join us, call 1-888-240-2560 - meeting ID: 113695594.  


We welcome your feedback. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at



SIS Integration Team