September 22, 2016: Integration Announcement

Hello Campus Application Developers,


Here is the SIS Integrations team weekly summary of items of interest to our integration partners.

API Central UAT Outage, Thursday, September 22,  from 12 noon - 2 p.m.

API Central will have a scheduled outage today, Thursday 9/22 between 12-2 for the UAT versions of SIS APIs to perform backend maintenance work.


This affects the “Try It Out” feature in API Central and any applications accessing the UAT environment for testing. Production APIs will not be affected by this outage.


Upcoming SIS Release Schedule

Major SIS releases and dot releases (i.e. 7 and 7.1) will include a scheduled production outage.  Alpha releases (i.e. 7.0b)  will continue twice a week as needed and will not involve an outage.  The next major releases are scheduled for:


  • GL 7.1 - Sunday, 10/9/16

  • GL 7.2 - Sunday, 10/30/16

Release Notes

Here is what is planned for upcoming alpha releases


GL 7.0b - Friday, 9/23


Class API

  • classSection.startDate and classSection.endDate will reflect the start and end dates of the term from the academic calendar

  • classSection.meeting.startDate, classSection.meeting.endDate will reflect any non-standard meeting dates for the section as well as any single occurrence meetings such as midterm and final exams

  • classSection.meeting.startTime, classSection.meeting.endTime will reflect the section meeting start and end time and any single-occurrence meeting times such as midterm and final exams

  • classSection.meeting.building has been added to surface an internal code for the building in which the class is meeting.  The building code translation is available from the Descriptors API, however most API users will want to use classSection.meeting.location for a human-readable description of the assigned classroom

  • classSection.assignedInstructor.instructor (which implements the Person EDO) has been enhanced to surface the disclose flags for names, emails and identifiers.  API consumers are responsible for respecting these flags when displaying instructor data in their applications


Enrollment API

  • enhanced the API to remove waitlist enrollments after the waitlist period ends (fifth week of term)

  • for API users authorized to access student grades, an enhancement was made to filter enrollments for dropped courses

  • Enrollment API implements a portion of the Class EDO and was enhanced to surface exam location and building to match the changes made to the Class API.


GL 7.0c - Wednesday, 9/28


Student API

  • enhance the International collection endpoint to support a term parameter


Class API

  • fix a bug in Class API - “ApiResponse” will now properly be “apiResponse”


Top Issues Being Researched

  • Student API - we are investigating a report that cumulative units and cumulative GPA displayed in CalCentral do not match the output of the API.

Additional Information

Each Friday, the SIS Integrations team holds Virtual Office Hours from 1-3 pm to answer questions and discuss issues you may be having. To join us, call 1-888-240-2560 - meeting ID: 113695594.  


We welcome your feedback. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at



SIS Integration Team