We will be making it better
Portal teamA key focus of the project is to significantly improve the user experiences (UX) that campus members have when accessing student systems, and to support a vision of service excellence that aligns with the expectations people have of the University of California, Berkeley.

Good user experiences (UXs) are purposefully designed
Navigating the many complexities of campus life, for students, faculty, staff and parents, can be overwhelming and frustrating at times.  Through the project, the UX-Portal team will be designing ways to mediate and simplify online experiences, around core student system related processes. 

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Building on success
CalCentral, the acclaimed student portal, has been chosen as the SIS portal.  It will be the “starting place” for all things SIS, and where students, faculty and staff will go to see personalized information, alerts, and to accomplish important tasks.


About the team 
We are seasoned team of UX designers, and application development professionals. The team has deep and broad knowledge of the student experience, and in integrating with numerous systems on campus, ex: Bearfacts, bConnected, bCourses, Cal 1 Card, ProSAMS, CARS, MyFinAid, and more.

Twitter: @calcentral
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BerkeleyCalCentral

UX Design Process

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UX Design Process
This diagram represents, at a high-level, how the CalCentral UX / Portal team works with the functional and technical SIS team members , as well as when and how we engage with end-users.  The "loop" in the middle of the flow, shows how we do our design and development work in an Agile way, in Sprints, and within the context of a large complex "waterfall" type project plan.


User Experience Design Sessions

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