Sr. Project Executive
Angela Blackstone
The Program Executive provides overall leadership for the project, manages the governance, oversees the overall Change Management effort and reports to the Project Executive Sponsors.


Executive Director
Pat Furze
The Executive Director manages the work of Sierra-Cedar, the Program Management Office, the Project Management Team and overall execution of the project and reports to the Sr. Project Executive.


Project Management Team
The Project Management Team provides leadership to the Functional and Technical Team Leads and their sub-teams, and reports to the Executive Director.

  • Implementation Director, Karen Kato
  • Sierra-Cedar Project Manager, Kim Roberts
  • Sierra-Cedar Technical Manager, Chris Cameron
  • Sierra-Cedar Project Manager, Barbara Mueller


Change Management Team
The Change Management Team reports to the Senior Project Executive and provides leadership on stakeholder engagement to facilitate campus readiness for the wide ranging organizational changes of this project.

  • Change Management Lead, Andreas Pinterits
  • Outreach & Engagement Lead, Lisa Feldman

Program Management Office
The Enterprise Program Management Office (“PMO”) provides the day-to-day oversight of and support for the project, and reports to the Executive Director.

  • Issues Management and Metrics, Tim Heidinger
  • Risk Manager and Program Analyst, Annika Barnes
  • Operations Manager, Katie Dustin
  • Financial Analyst, Oscar Luna
  • Project Management Lead, Jane Valentine

Project Coordinators

  • Tim Gallagher
  • Claudia Nolte
  • Michelle Caruso
  • Lisa Chang
  • Gretchen Peters
  • Mary Worthington
  • David Triebwasser

Production Support Team

  • Lani Pittman
  • Linda Sanz
  • Tamila Williams