Making Every Day Better By Improving Every Day Tasks

The Records Team is working to help students, faculty, and staff navigate daily academic tasks more efficiently and cooperatively. From scheduling courses and classrooms to enrolling in classes and applying for graduation, creating a robust and user-friendly system has the potential to revolutionize how work gets done on campus.

Business Processes Included in the SIS Project

Business Process Delivery Date   Business Process Delivery Date
Catalog & Schedule 2016 August 2015   End of Term Processing September 2016
Room Scheduling (Series 25) December 2015   Graduating Students September 2016
Student Indicators/Groups March 2016   Enrollment Reporting September 2016
Enroll Students March 2016   Processing Transcripts September 2016
Maintaining Student Residency March 2016   Verifying Enrollment September 2016
Transfer Credit Articulation March 2016   Preparing for a New Term September 2016
Managing FERPA March 2016   Defining & Maintaining Course Requisites September 2016

Records Team Updates