12 Unit Repetition Limit Strategy

Student Records
February 19, 2015

Keep current manual after the fact report + manual coding business process.  Repeat codes will be applied to course(s) that exceed the 12 repeat units and a report would be generated for Records. No GPA will be calculated for the student until after appropriate steps are taken to code and store the students information (including courses, grades, grade points, etc) so that a correct GPA can be calculated.


  1. First, we are assuming no change in Berkeley Academic Senate Regulations.
  2. We have been advised that Campus Solutions (CS) cannot automatically process Berkeley's policy. In particular, CS cannot automatically calculate the GPA according to Berkeley Senate policy.

We have also been advised that staff can query CS to determine when a student has repeated 12 or more units. In addition, we have been advised that CS will enable staff to identify the student and to appropriately count units attempted and grade points awarded in a manner consistent with campus policy. 

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Thursday, February 19, 2015