How and when to roll-out requisite functionality to have least negative impact on the UCB culture.

Student Records
February 20, 2015

Fall 2016:
Requisites that are currently enforced will be configured and enforced in CS Enrollment for continuing students who begin enrolling for fall 2016 in April 2016.   This includes course restrictions (majors, level, etc.) as well as those few courses that are enforcing course pre-requisites post enrollment if those departments are comfortable enforcing requites at the time of enrollment.

Spring 2017:
Full-blown CS requisite functionality as part of the spring 2017 roll-out, enrollment begins in fall 2016.

The SR Team will work with Academic Advising and academic units to determine:

  1. Specific courses that will have requisites enforced; and
  2. Real requisites that should be enforced, as opposed to recommended preparation. 


  1. Transfer credit articulation for transfer students will be processed prior to CalSO.
  2. PERC (Post Enrollment Requisite Checking) functionality will be utilized at the end of fall 2016 to identify students who did not successfully complete a requisite that was conditionally satisfied at the time of enrollment.

This decision allows UC Berkeley to maintain the current level of course restriction while giving the campus adequate time to manage the cultural shift that enforcement of requisites will bring.  It provides the added benefit of giving the end-users a period of time to adjust to and gain confidence in the new system.

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Friday, February 20, 2015