Graduate Professional School Admission Integration Strategy

January 5, 2015

GradAdm and DB2 will be replaced with Campus Solutions, see diagram in "Graduate Professional School Integration" support documentation.  Future of Jazzee and GradLink/GLOW and what new admits see during SIR process out of scope for this decision.

GradAdm has already been identified as "an area for improvement" by stakeholdersl. Minimal business process changes. Addresses pain-points related to Early-start programs, Reporting, Quality Control, Self-service transactions. Turn-around time for communications, identity management. Phased integration and later decision about use of Slate.


  • GradAdm has already been identified as “an area for improvement”,  by stakeholders
    - Already established buy-in
  • Minimal business process changes
  • Addresses pain-points related to:
    -  Early-start programs
    -  Reporting/ Query
    -  QC
    -  Transactions in self-service
         ○ turn-around time
    - Communications
    - Identity management
    - Provides opportunity for phased integration
    - Use of Slate by Grad Div could be better determined during and after the implementation at the undergraduate level


  • Requires staff commitment from Grad Div, both functional and technical
  • Will not have an opportunity to directly engage professional schools
  • Shadow systems will remain

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Monday, January 5, 2015