Which catalog year will be used to set up undergraduate requirements in SIS

Academic Advising
January 28, 2015

Undergraduate requirements will be built starting with the 2012-2013 catalog year.

88% of students could graduate within 5 yrs with an accurate degree audit.

Advisors can access more complete advising information.

No need for parallel DARS and SIS sytems. DARS maintenance can be discontinued and advisor only access one system.


  • Provide the majority of students (88%) who graduate within 5 years with an accurate degree audit.
  • Provide advisors with accurate information for their advisees.
  • Would not need to maintain DARS after advising go-live.
  • With a more complete system, there will be greater user acceptance than if we had parallel systems (DARS and CS) running.


  • Accuracy of historical degree requirement data is problematic
  • Exceptions will need to be converted from DARS to PeopleSoft

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015