Will CS delivered Direct Deposit functionality be used to replace the existing 'eftstudent.berkeley.edu' direct deposit system?

Student Financials
March 31, 2015


Student Financials met with business partner to discuss options. We agreed and decided that CS Direct Deposit functionality will not be used. The existing eftstudent.berkeley.edu direct deposit system will continue to be the EFT system for all students.


The delivered integration assumes that direct deposit data will be collected and maintained in CS. Currently, direct deposit data is collected and maintained by eftstudent.berkeley.edu. We cannot “replace” this system with CS, since it is also used for non-CS student refunds. (Today, over 13k non-CARS student refunds are issued annually by campus departments). Capturing direct deposit data in two systems (CS and eftstudent.berkeley.edu) may be confusing to students and does not support best practices.

For more information: Proposal Document

Tuesday, March 31, 2015