Graduate Advising Resources

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The Student Enrollment Process

Graduate Onboarding Communications

  • Graduate Onboarding Communications
    A list of checklist items and messages that graduate students received through their CalCentral portal once they stated their intent to register.

User Productivity Kit (UPK)

Graduate Student CPPSTACK eForm

Important Message:
(Change from previous process) Sometimes, receiving their bill over summer is what prompts graduate students to enroll. With the new SIS, graduate students will not receive a bill until they have enrolled.

  • Even if they are only enrolling in non-classroom courses, such as independent research or writing units, they still need to enroll.
  • Un-enrolled students will not be eligible to
  1. be hired for academic appointments;
  2. receive stipend(s) from university fellowships and grants; or
  3. access to some university services and programs (e.g., university health, counseling, library, and psychological services).